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Iris and Bill have known each other for at least five years and have shared much over those years. They nurse each other through broken hearts and listen to the other's lustful adventures, eventually free xxx nude web cams their own mutual experiences.

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Her tits are full with pink nipples which protrude and are visible against french beach webcam white fabric. These tits have been teased by Bill and have tempted him for hours. As Iris unlocks the door, Bill presses his body against hers from behind and slides his hand beneath her short dress to rub her pussy under the thong. She is already wet and sighs when he touches her.

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"Whatever you think, Iris." Bill slowly pushes two fingers into the wet tightness of her twat.

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"Wait, Iris, I have plans for you. I want you to beg for your orgasm." Bill continues rubbing her pussy lips with one hand and massaging her tit with the other.

"You webcam girls web cam I can do that." Iris smiles up at him and takes hold of his cock and firmly works it up to a rock hard erection.

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Bill smiles at her and says, "Iris, I'm gonna fuck you out of your mind." He removes his wet fingers from between her porno web cam and licks them. "Taste yourself, you're so sweet! Your pussy is going to love this, I promise." He holds her hand and pulls her onto the floor where she lies on her back.
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"You're ready for me, I can see your shine." Bill drags one finger from her clit, over her pussy lips to her opening which he circles with his fingertip. "Umm, nice and wet, just like I like it!"

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"Put your legs over my shoulders, Iris, and I'll fuck you good after you beg me and kiss me!" Bill smiles at her and winks.

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"Oh, damn! I feel your hot wetness student webcam in bathroom amateur my chest, my Iris. Looks like my lady is ready for me, and I promise to make you glad you begged."

He positions himself, and Iris covers his mouth with hers, moving her tongue inside his mouth, tasting him. Bill drives his cock into Iris' pus, nearly leaving her breathless with his strong, first thrust. Iris looks into his face and says, "Do it harder, baby, please, fuck me."

"Iris, here we go, baby." Bill almost withdraws from her and plunges even stronger and deeper into her, and he is lost in his movements in her hot, delicious pussy which is so tightly wrapped around his cock. He continues to fuck her like this until she cums.

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Bill slows down and fucks her hard and steady until she cums again. This time he rams himself into her and cums deep inside her. "Oh, Iris! Oh, baby! You're so tight and sweet! I wanna fuck you all night!"

"Yes, yes, yes! I want you to do just that!" She lowers her legs as Bill releases them from his shoulders. She can still feel her internal spasms, and she is so wet and web cams nude free "You're a great lover, Bill, a real gentleman. Sweetie, you know how to treat me, and I want your cock in me webcam free hard of this weekend. Okay?" Bill lies down beside her on the floor, and he gazes at her beautiful body which has just thoroughly and deliciously fucked him. He smiles and runs the back of his fingers over her rosy nipples. As she turns to face him, Iris runs her hands over his chest and looks at his nice cock, resting after a marvelous fucking. She can still feel it in her, and she wants him again. Iris begins to stroke his cock with a gentle exploratory touch.

"Oh, my dear Iris, what are you up to? Do you want me? I'm getting hard, and you can do whatever you want with my willing body!" He smiles and kisses her lips while firmly caressing her tits and brushing his thumbs over her sensitive nipples. "Come on, Iris, do me." Bill lies flat on his back with his legs slightly spread and his personal sexual web cams with pictures standing at attention. He rests his hands behind his head as he watches Iris prepare to mount him.

Iris straddles him and lightly grazes his erect cock with her wet pussy. nude gay male web cams She smiles down at anal passion him and lowers her tits against his chest and kisses him, holding his face in her hands. Her blond hair falls onto his chest and pleases him with its silkiness. She feels the rock hardness of his erection, and she sits up and ever so slowly takes his bold cock into her descending pussy. Sighing, inch by inch, driving him nuts with her leisurely intake. "Mmm, Bill you feel so hard and hot - I love this so much. It fills me up so nicely."

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When Iris is completely full of his cock and is sitting netmeeting gay chat video webcams on him, she becomes completely still for a moment while free amateur live web cams flexes her vaginal walls against his cock. Bill loudly sighs and starts to move his pelvis and increases his caresses of her tits. "Oh, Iris, your little pussy feels too damn good! You know how to do it, don't you, baby?"

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Their rhythmic momentum increases, and she intensifies her movements, bringing him to a terrific climax shortly.

"Yes, my sweet girl, I'm cumming in your pussy right now! Oh! Oh, Iris! Harder, baby, faster!" Iris follows his wishes and moves like a possessed woman until she cums while grinding into his balls.

"Is that hard enough for you, Bill?" Iris smiles and bends down her lebian web cam body onto his and rubs her tits against his chest, kisses him and sucks on his tongue, making him weak.

His arms go around her and his mouth covers hers as they are lost in their long kiss, with their wet hair and satisfied bodies melting together.